Doro the Great

My Cat

Here is my cat – Doro. He rather look a little scary in my drawing, but not really…lol. This cat has his own charm. His distinctive character is that he only goes around with people ‘he knows’. I’m not even sure cats can recognize people. Whenever there are new people he’ll surely disappear somewhere. Can cats actually recognize their owner just by looking? I would loved to be enlightened.

I don’t think I drew him properly. (He’s supposed to look cuter not scarier,,,haha) I might be doing more illustrations of my cat in the future. 🙂

~ Melonaide

6 thoughts on “Doro the Great

  1. I love your idea of making art if only just 30 minutes a day! I miss painting, like really just taking the time and sitting down with my pencils or brushes and creating something, if only just for 30 minutes at a time. Good luck with your art! I’m definitely going to sit down very soon and dedicate half an hour to just drawing.


    1. Yeah, go ahead and do it as well~ The fact that it’s only 30 minutes makes me not feel guilty of putting-off some other important stuffs I need to do. Good luck! 🙂


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