My Practice Guitar

So, this is my practice guitar…well, I actually don’t have any other guitar and this one is the guitar that everyone uses at home. I don’t have my own guitar at the moment 😦 But I plan to buy a nice new one with a cool sound once I got the budget for it. lol! Speaking of this guitar I drew, it is a guitar locally made in our country – Philippines. Please don’t ask me what wood it is made of and what kind of strings it got, or any other details I’m unaware of. LOL.

Like this 30 minute art, I am practicing playing guitar with a book guide (self-study). I decided to practice guitar only after I made the art because pressing the strings hurt my fingers. I am left-handed when it comes to drawing, but since guitars are usually made for right-handed people, I get used to holding the guitar in a right-handed manner. That’s where the conflict arises. My hands will go shaky if I play guitar before drawing.

Btw, there’s nothing extraordinary about the guitar, I just drew it since it’s the most available subject around my room. lol! Hope you like it!  😀

~ Melonaide 

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