Small Red Flowers

I don’t know what it is called again. So, please don’t mind the title! LOL. I copied it also from the photos I took from my mother’s garden since flowers bloom seasonally and they’re not flowering all the time. On this one, I tried not to use an ordinary pencil to sketch the flower. I directly used colored pencils so that I’ll go a bit faster. Drawing this is a bit tricky since it got lots of small flowers almost stuck to each other. I also had to add 10 minutes to complete this. There you go. Hope you like it!

~ Melonaide

4 thoughts on “Small Red Flowers

    1. Thanks~ 🙂
      We all see the world differently. We don’t need to copy everything on what we see. Only the things that capture our attention makes it to an artist’s sketchpad any other type of art creation.


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