This flower is gumamela, that’s how we call it. This flower is very common in the Philippines. But as I searched the net about this flower, I found out that it is widely known as hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn.) or China Rose.

In my childhood days where children go out to play and there was less technology, we gather up gumamela flowers and make bubbles out of it. (how to make gumamela bubbles) We grind the flower petals and leaves then mix it with some water. It is quite simple and fun. But these days I wonder if kids around our area know how to make one. Before, gumamela bushes are practically everywhere, now, it is kinda replaced with walls, cemented roads and more houses. You’d rather let the gumamela flower show it’s beauty now  than pick it up to make bubbles since bubbles can be easily bought at the store for only five pesos. Plus, the technology today makes the kids stuck up in front of computer or other gadgets and do some play time alone.

What I find amazing about gumamela is that you can easily tell the parts of the flowers in it. It is complete. When I teach children the parts of the flower, my ideal choice is gumamela. It is difficult to tell the parts on other flowers. Some are not even complete. Another thing that is beautiful about this flower is that it comes with different colors. A real beauty. 🙂

There goes my art for today. Have a great day everyone! 😀

~ Melonaide

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