Staircase Web

“With great power comes great responsibility.” ~ Peter Parker

Yes, it is a quote from Spider Man movie. And if you’re wondering if the girl I drew might be spiderwoman, definitely not. lol. For some reasons, this quote has struck me. If we are given with abilities, we should use them to the fullest. I believe all of us got talents, it’s just that we need to realize what they are and what we would like to accomplish with them. My favorite cousin whom I treat like my older sister always tell me,’why are you so talented? Can you give me some?’ I’m kinda sure part of what she told me is just meant for flattery just to make me feel better (they’re your family afterall! lol), the other half of it tells me that she wanna know from me what I think her strengths must be. We are all given strengths and abilities that suits us most. I told her that she got almost all the things I lack, she’s always on time, very good at time management, very disciplined with herself, and most of all I think she’ll be a good leader.

Back to the drawing, I originally drew that web as stairs going down. But then as I enjoyed coloring, it looks like a spider web now. LOL. And drawing that girl is a real challenge. I had to make the proportion of the body look normal at least. I guess I draw that because I think that there are always some point in our lives that we must make choices. Are we going to choose to stick to the web or are we going down from that staircase web of confusion? Think then act.

Have a great day everyone!

~ Melonaide

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