The Burning Candle

“My candle burns at both ends; It will not last the night; But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends It gives a lovely light!” ~Edna St. Vincent Millay

I had no much sleep last night. I am a bit burned out and that’s where this candle illustration came from. But nothing to worry about since I don’t do this often because I know that abusing your own body Β will have unwanted results. I took vitamins (which I rarely do), lots of water, good music, no sweets, proper lights and occasional 15 minutes snoozes when needed. I just had to finish some stuffs. Really, I gotta do something about my procrastination! lol

The quote above by Edna St. Vincent Millay gives a lasting impression to me. A candle is meant to be lit up and be used to fill a place with light. Same goes to people. We are like burning candles ~ we can give off radiance and make this world a better place even for a little bit. So, we got two choices: we can light up and extend ourselves to others or …. we can just live comfortably inside our ‘shelves’ waiting to decompose. Won’t we rather light a room than be disposed in the trash bin after accumulating molds and dusts? So, I guess, it is about time that we step out of our comfort zone (shelves) and then reach out to the world giving it the best that we got. Let’s fill this world with our little lights. πŸ™‚

Have a great day everyone!

~ MelonaideΒ 

18 thoughts on “The Burning Candle

    1. You got insomnia right? I am quite the opposite. I have a tendency to oversleep which is not quite productive. And when I do, it gives me headaches. lol.

      So, for me I had to stay up late to get things done even my eyes are begging me to sleep.


        1. It is~ the unwanted yawns that make you look bored when you’re actually not, the bus stops I can easily miss if I suddenly fell asleep in the bus, and hours of sleeping that I can use to do something else. XD


  1. beautiful!! Your drawings are really amazing and the colours and wonderful! I still haven’t figured out that link but I think you can just link to my page, don’t know exactly how but it know it can be done! Have a great weekend!


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