Smile for me

Smile for me and let me see,
That you are happy to be with me.
We’ll soar the endless sky,
Together, just you and I.
Smile for me and let me be,
The light that sets you free.
Never frown for I am here,
I won’t let you down, I promise thee.
If I fail, won’t you forgive me?
With your smile I’ll never flee.
Let’s face the struggles of time
Together let’s conquer the great sublime.
I am here and will always be,
So please just smile for me.

~ Melonaide


12 thoughts on “Smile for me

  1. Ok…I don’t wanna ruin the mood of my post because of my blabbers so I guess I’ll make my side comment here. lol

    I made that post for 1 hour not 30 minutes. I just can’t put the pencil down! 😀
    I always find it thrilling to see the moon and the sun together. But they can actually share one sky. Notice that in the morning the moon can be seen as well at times.

    I hope you enjoy my post today. Have a great day! 😀 ~ Melonaide


  2. This is so sweet. I kept think of how the poem makes for good “self talk” on days when it’s hard to smile at anything. I’m still smiling! 🙂


    1. Yeah, I especially love that happy feeling that there will be someone or something that’ll always be there for you unconditionally just to cheer you up. Even if that person will be just yourself sometimes. 🙂


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