A Leaf

This is my favorite poem Desiderata by Max Ehrman.The poem is long but it is full of inspiring words full of wisdom. If you haven’t read it yet do check it out. Since the poem contains lots of thoughts and bits of wisdom, I decide to do illustration for it part by part.

Silence – It has its healing properties. When you are mad, take time away from the source of your anger. Indulge the silence, it’ll somehow calm you. When you are confused, being in a noisy crowd does not help. A moment of silence to think things through can help you sort your thoughts out. When you are worried, a breath of fresh air in a silent and peaceful place will shoo your worries away. And if there is none, just closing your eyes and visualizing such a place can help us be in peace.

There are times when the noise comes from inside my head. My mind won’t shut up during those times. It is full of nonsense chatter I can go without. I have no much idea how to meditate although its methods are becoming famous. All I do during those times to make my mind shut up is to listen to it and then try not to think of anything but the world around me, the color of the houses, the grass, the road, the small things no one would even care to look at. It is then I find peace. 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

~ Melonaide

11 thoughts on “A Leaf

  1. i love the mood your artwork puts me in. happy dreamy 🙂

    thanks for the follow! & love the idea of “30 minute art” and making art a daily habit- which is essentially what i’m also trying to do with my blog. if i can spend 30 minutes watching trashy television… i should certainly make a point to spend AT LEAST that much time drawing.

    happy art-ing!


    1. Thanks Angela! Comments like yours inspire me more into pushing through this habit even though there are days that I almost ran out of things to post. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting. ♥


  2. Thank you. I live and breath by the Desiderata which is credited to Max Ehrman but was actually found in Old St. Paul’s Cathedral as was listed as anonymous.Regardless, I love this and so needed it today!


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