Flying Paper Planes

I have no idea why I thought of a girl making thousands of paper planes that she throws all in the air to see them fly. I’m not even sure if the Bible quote I read before thinking of an art to draw matches the actual drawing I thought of today. Well anyway I thought it should be nice to see many flying paper planes. Hehe.

Building discipline upon yourself is hard and you can say you might die in the process! Haha. Well, figuratively. Just like making a thousand of paper planes. It is definitely no joke. (It kinda matches the quote afterall. lol) But most of the time, if it is for something good and something you really, really like… it is all worth the effort. 😀

Have a great day!

~ Melonaide

13 thoughts on “Flying Paper Planes

  1. Your picture reminds me of the Japanese story of Sadako and her paper cranes. It is not exactly the same but it is also a sweet, uplifting story.

    I visited Hiroshima as a 15 year old. The story and memorials made a great impact on me.

    Check out this link if you’re interested to know more I actually have a photo of the Sadako monument that I took when I was there 🙂


    1. That’s such a touching story….Sadako who was infected by the radioactive materials after being exposed to the Hiroshima bomb made a thousand of paper cranes bec. she believed her sickness (leukemia) will be cured if she does so. But she still died although she might have saved other lives that are inspired by her story.

      Thanks for sharing! It’s great to know. Now how will I make a folded paper crane……*searches the net* lol 😀


      1. Lol! Actually I got inspired to search the net to find out how to make the crane too! I remember making them in Japanese class in school but don’t remember exactly how. Perhaps I will do a post about it and we can “compare cranes”!


  2. I love this drawing. Wistful and hopeful. The quote works perfectly and is so true. It’s hard to stay on the right path day in and out, but when the goal is so important…:)


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