My Place in the Universe

I’ve been travelling a distance, walking a mile
And my feet are now hurting from falling each time
There are boulders and walls and they all look the same
And I’m walking, walking, walking away…
I’m like a star in the night, looking for a place to stay
There are spaces in the sky but still it doesn’t feel right.
Like a comet in motion…
Like a planet in action…
I am falling, falling, falling again,
I am drifting, drifting, drifting away,
To my place in the universe –
I’ll get there soon.

~ Melonaide

Side note: The drawing’s contrast, brightness and midtone is edited in Microsoft Office Picture Manager to achieve such vibrant color. And I made a song out of that poem but I just don’t know how to play it in guitar. I’m too much of a beginner to do that. >,< But anyways, I hope you enjoyed that. Have a great day! πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “My Place in the Universe

  1. Whimsical painting, but wistful words. Take your time getting there. Comets do and the suspense is worthwhile. Maybe someone can set your poem to music and play it for you.


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