Sleep Well

Rest your weary soul and surrender the day’s troubles.
Let them all burst like a bubble…
You will need strength for tomorrow,
To fight the unforeseen sorrow.
Challenges await you, journeys lie ahead you,
But for tonight, sleep well…

~ Melonaide

Side Note: The drawing’s saturation and hue is edited in Microsoft Office Picture gallery to make it violet. I’d love to color it but it’ll take me a long time to do so. So that’s that, thanks for reading! Have a great day~ 😀

11 thoughts on “Sleep Well

    1. Bonnie, you amaze me! You can name the stuffs I draw. 😀

      I have no reference image or object to look at whenever my drawing tend to become a little whimsical. So, basically those fishes didn’t mean to look like one of the real ones. At least now I know that there’s a rainbow fish. 😀


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