Kreativ Blogger Award

Another blog award! Yeah, I feel so loved already! lol. Thank you so much C. B. Wentworth for passing on this award to me. Greatly appreciated! 😀

C.B. Wentworth is a teacher, a writer, a mom, a blogger and an artist…(did I miss anything?). Amazing! Do check her blog out! She got step-by-step journal making ideas you can follow there.

In order to claim the Kreativ Blogger Award here’s what I and the next lucky recipients need to do:

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award and provide a link.
2. List 7 interesting things about yourself that your readers might find interesting
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and let them know!

Seven Interesting Things:
(more like 7 odd things about me 😀 )

1. Due to allergic reactions to a particular facial wash, I spent my trip to Hong Kong with a very very red face. And people looked as if an alien is having a sight seeing. LOL. Who cares, I gotta enjoy my trip! 😛 (I can’t put my pictures on display though. T_T)

2. I’m the greatest procrastinator ever. Oh well, sorry for putting off this award for like 2 weeks? lol. I was busy you know… hahaha (this post is written on draft for 2 weeks already  and I stopped writing at at 7 interesting things. what’s so interesting about me?? LOL >,<)

3. Parties wear me out. It’s not that I don’t like it but that’s just my slightly introvert side speaking. And I’m like a camera that got batteries –  dealing with a lot of people at the same time uses up my energy reserves. I can only replenish my energy when I’m alone or with a few friends around.

4.  I like looking at the sky. It’s where I get my energy and inspiration most of the time. 😀

5. I like learning new tricks and using it somewhere. Trying to make new things is exciting.

6. Even though I say I am busy (which I think I’ll stop saying because it’s becoming redundant), I still get to play online games. lol! I’m playing the strategy game Lord of Ultima. I just love games with teamwork from other members. I’m a team player after all.

7. Watching TV bores me in general. I only watch for an hour scrolling on all of the channels, which I do when I got nothing else to do. I just use the TV when watching movies or watch National Geographic to see if there’s something interesting there.


My 7 Kreativ Blogger Award Nominees:

1. Art Gluttony by emjayzed (Art Blog)
2. The Iris and the Lily by Bonnie Michelle (Nature Photo Blog)
3. A Doodle a Day by C. C. Charron (Art Blog)
4. M.K.D (A Bird a Day Photo Blog)
5. Caddo Veil (Poetry Blog)
6. Quizoxy (Anime/Art Blog)
7. Incidental Learner (Watercolour Art Blog)

Congratulations to Kreativ Blogger Awardees! Pass it on~ 🙂 ♥

~ Melonaide

19 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. Congrats and thank you! I haven’t been blogging for long so am very stoked to receive this! As a consequence I will need a little time to find more Kreativ Bloggers I love 🙂

    Also, is it ok to pass it back to someone who may have already received it?


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