White Horse

Travelling, exploring, new places, fresh air, adventure…that’s what I’d love to have more. So, for the mean time when I can’t do that, just watching adventure movies would be enough. I personally love to have my own white horse. Why white? It’s because white looks beautiful and pure just like Pegasus the winged horse.

I tried horseback riding on our trip to Caliraya, Laguna. The man holding the rope of my horse allowed me to go on a farther route and let me hold the rope by myself just because he thought I can do it. I asked a lot on how to ride a horse. And one of the few tips he gave me is that “the horse feels what his rider is feeling. If you feel fear, it will feel fear too.” I’m glad I’m not afraid of falling off from the horse. I actually love it. Me and the horse is travelling slowly, more like enjoying the beauty of the place around us. The place is just so nice, such a perfect view while riding a horse. 😀

I wanna go travel again… I’ll surely will. I’ll let you all know when I do. Well anyway, that’s my post for today, have a great day! 😀

~ Melonaide

11 thoughts on “White Horse

  1. Beautiful sketch of the horse. I have always struggled to stretch animals. You have done it so well. Lovely to hear about your experience of riding a horse too….. I have never had the opportunity to do this but sounds an amazing experience.


  2. I am going to continue to link you to children’s book that remind me of your work. Google Misty of Chincoteague. Your horse reminds me of one of the illustrations in one many books written about Misty.


  3. I love horses and I always drew them when I was a kid! Now my daughter draws and rides them! She loves this too btw!! I saw an artwork today at the Children’s Museum in Naples, Florida that featured a whilte horse surrounded by colour. It was a large oil painting and I thought ” I’ll have to try something like that too!” And you answered my thought! Thank you so much!!


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