Dragonfly on a Paper Boat

“Wise people are careful and stay out of trouble, but fools are careless and quick to act.”

(Proverbs 14:16, NCV)


I can be real careless at times, well…maybe lots of times. lol. But maybe, if we are careful enough not to make halfhearted decisions which we may regret later, and quick enough not to put important things off for too long, we can avoid at least 50% of the mistakes we might have done.

I noticed that the more we hurry the lesser things we accomplish. Why? Because, when we hurry, we are prone to more mistakes. And mistakes take more time and resources because you’ll have to repeat or redo them all over again. And when we hurry the more we tend not notice the small yet important things that you might lose while you are running around trying to finish everything in a snap. Just think of it like packing up for a trip just an hour before the flight only to find that you forgot your passport at home. Well, I’m not telling you not to hurry when you got that short of time, it’s just that we are much more prone to carelessness and mistakes when we are hurrying up.

Another downside of hurrying up is that it consumes a lot of your energy. You’ll find that you are greatly exhausted compared to the worker who is working on things in his comfortable pace. And he may end up with a better work done looking all cool and calm.

But…this also not an excuse for slacking off. You’ll never get anything done if you will keep on putting things off. Work on it no matter how slow you are. Keep working and make sure you enjoy the process. And don’t mind those overachievers who can accomplish great things at only very short period of time. Let’s face it, not all of us are born geniuses. But we can always strive to be better than ourselves every day. We might not be able to outsmart Einstein, but at least lets just try to outsmart our previous selves whenever we can by learning continuously at every opportunity that knocks on our door.

So, that’s my Bible Sunday post. Think, reflect and take time to grow. Have a blessed day! 😀

~ Melonaide

8 thoughts on “Dragonfly on a Paper Boat

  1. This was how I was today and needed to hear this message. I dropped everything in my hands at least twice and rushed about accomplishing little. Your dragonfly wise in using the paper boat to take a way other than flying (did that make sense 🙂 ) Love the colors.


    1. Ouch, that’s how I look like when I’ve been procrastinating a lot and then I’ll hurry towards the deadline. I drop things, forgot things or lose things. Not so nice. lol x__x

      And about the dragonfly, that’s exactly how I like it to be interpreted. The dragonfly doesn’t have to do a lot of flying just to go somewhere just because he chose his next move strategically. 🙂


    1. Thanks Caddo, I’m just using the Bible given to me as a farewell/ souvenir gift from the Church I attended to when I visited Los Angeles.

      Since I know nothing much of the Bible, and I don’t get to read it much, I decided I’ll just look for some interesting quotes there that I can interpret on my blog. Thanks for reading~ ♥


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