Floral Pattern

I have no idea what those flowers are, I just played around with my pencils today and drew something randomly just to enjoy the colors. Obviously, I can’t think of anything to draw on a particular topic so, I just let my hand do the thinking. There’s no room for artist block, or else I’ll lose a day’s post. lol.

My brother was telling me to just post only the artworks that I think is ‘successful’ or beautiful. Something like every other day or at least when my creative energy sparks up. But I told him that if I do that, then I’ll lose the sole purpose of making this blog – making art a daily habit. Β So, whether I love how my art turns out or not, I’ll still post it anyway. This is more like ‘scheduled creativity’. If you practice being creative more often, then it’ll come to you naturally. You will then tend to build this ‘creative pattern’ in your life and make it something that will always be a part of you.

I gotta admit, half of the time I am sitting on my drawing table, materials are all set, the pencils, the sharpener, the journal, the light, eraser, and me sitting down staring at the blank white page. I had to spend like 10 minutes holding a pencil drawing nothing at all, waiting for an idea on what to draw. I wait. Everything is all set and I wait. And the waiting is a little painful so eventually my mind will come up of something to draw. LOL. It’s not like I’m making art the whole day, so, an artist block is not an excuse that will make me not post for a day.

I hope you enjoyed my random post. Have a great day! πŸ™‚

~ Melonaide

13 thoughts on “Floral Pattern

  1. I really like the flowers that you came up with. I get artists block alot lol….Like you said the best thing to do is to just let your hand do the thinking. sometimes I think you can make your best pieces when you do this. I really like this piece its so vibrant.


    1. Yeah, but sometimes it can be hard to let your hand do the thinking though when your mind thinks that it might not turn out to be a beautiful piece! If you know what I mean. πŸ˜€


  2. Oh, you are such a sweetheart! Great word to us, to practice creativity daily and it will become both a habit, and “natural”. And this is true in every area of our lives, Mel! We should practice love daily, and worship, and laughter, and forgiveness–every good gift that God gives us can be a daily practice which enriches us, blesses others, and glorifies Him. And it all becomes “natural”, with practice! Your blog surely touches me, Mel–God bless you abundantly today!!


    1. Thanks for the appreciation. I can use some dose of encouragement. :)

      Yeah, making it all become or appear 'natural' requires a lot of work and dedication. That's what I noticed from people who does things so easily and naturally as if it's just second nature to them. It's not just because they are more blessed and more gifted (all of us have gifts), it's just that they have a great dedication to improve and learn more to improve themselves.

      Bless yah too Caddo. :D


  3. Love your post, and I agree with the other commenters. Sometimes you just gotta put something down on paper, anything. It’s like anything I suppose, the more you do it, the better you get.


  4. I thought Zinnias too. They popped into mind. It is hard to do any kind of daily practice and some days don’t go so well, but you pushed through your block. I’m with you, post what ever is that day’s art. It’s never “bad,” but shows where your thoughts were that day. What a great post.


    1. Thanks Nanina! Being trained by my uncle in the realism point of view, it is sometimes hard to let go of the simple mistakes on my drawing that makes it ‘unreal.’ Odd thing though is that whenever I got no subject to draw or copy from real things or photograph, I always deviate from reality. LOL. πŸ˜€


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