The Big Guy

“Keep your head on the clouds and your feet on the ground.”

That quote suddenly popped in my head. I tried to search its origin but I failed to find out where it exactly came from. My guesses are it might be derived from a Bible verse (Proverbs) or it might came from a book or an author. I read it from a Og Mandino quotation page, but it was indicated that the source is unknown at the bottom (I can’t locate that site anymore). So, maybe it’s not him. But do check him out. Quotes really do inspires me. They are the bits of knowledge passed on by the great minds of the great people. Oh, check out Og Mandino’s site, I found it just now. Looks interesting to me. I will check it out after posting this. 😀

This will be the first time I draw a guy on this blog. I always draw girls because I can relate to them being a girl myself. (lol) And I think girls are more expressive.(?) I chose to draw a guy that keeps a happy disposition, a dreamer, down to Earth yet confident and has a bias for action. Because I think those qualities make an achiever.

So, that drawing is just my comical interpretation (if not literal) of the quote. And, being so stretched like that (head on the clouds, feet on the ground) makes him great and BIG right? LOL. Same goes in reality…if you can manage to be a dreamer and be the person who acts on his dream at the same time, most of the time  you will find more success. A dream will always be “just a dream” if you won’t act on it. And actions without a goal or dream is not fulfilling if not useless.

Keep on dreaming and act on it! Have a great day! 😀

~ Melonaide


10 thoughts on “The Big Guy

  1. I like how different this looks from all your other work. 🙂

    p.s. You have inspired me! I recently bought a little book that shows me how to draw little animals and a sketch journal. 🙂


    1. I was thinking of dedicating a day for basic tutorials here (the way I teach kids how to draw). But it’s a little more time consuming. I might do them during our summer vacation. Good luck on your art! 😀


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