For Sauté

I am no good at cooking. I barely know how to cook, or simply put I don’t cook. If I will be teleported to the medieval times where girls are supposed to do all the cooking and all other chores, I will be slaughtered for being useless. Haha! But maybe I might be in the battlefield instead. I seem to do ‘male jobs’ like fixing the light, work on projects, assemble basic stuffs, or anything aside from cooking. But, being in the 20th century, it is acceptable to be me. Thank goodness! LOL

I was being nagged by my mother to learn how to cook. I just can’t seem to find time for it. I believe I can learn it if I wanted to. I tried enrolling in a cooking class for a month. All I learned is how to follow a recipe. And I don’t look left behind aside from the fact that they chop faster than me. Haha. Cooking looks fun but very time consuming. You have to go to market to buy stuffs to cook and then prepare everything, from utensils to ingredients. And one mistake can make a drastic difference. It’s like an art too, definitely needs a lot of practice. Maybe one day, I might go experiment with cooking. I hope I won’t look like an evil witch when I do that. LOL. I guess it is always fun to try. 😉

In my drawing, I grabbed a tomato, white onion, and a garlic. The onion doesn’t look pretty in reality, but I find that the more imperfect the subject is, the more color it has and the more fun and difficult it is to draw – and I find challenge in that.

There goes my art for today, I hope you like my cooking, I mean drawing. lol! Have a great day! 😀

~ Melonaide


16 thoughts on “For Sauté

  1. Mel, you make me smile so much! This is beautiful artwork, so maybe you’ll just cook when you’re hungry! I LOVE to cook–it’s very therapeutic for me–and I made some delicious potato soup a couple days ago; wish I could send you a big bowl of it!! God bless you abundantly today, and always.


    1. A big bowl of soup would be lovely!! Yum! 😀
      And so true, I only get motivated to cook when I’m hungry and there’s nothing to eat. LOL.
      Thanks for the blessings, God bless yah too. 🙂


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