Just Another Corn

This is a corn, obviously. Now what can I say about a corn. Well, it is delicious? LOL. I just looked around in the kitchen yet again for my art victim for today.

I originally thought, I’ll draw two or three corns, but somehow I’m glad I didn’t. It really takes long to draw all of those corn kernels. Obviously, I didn’t copy the kernels as is. Don’t expect me to count all of those kernels and draw a complete replica. Somehow it felt like I was drawing teeth. Gotta put shade for each one of them.

I guess this little one will become a corn soup tomorrow. Of course, I won’t be the one to cook it. lol. šŸ˜›

Have a great day everyone! šŸ˜€

~ Melonaide

18 thoughts on “Just Another Corn

  1. Got to admit something, I hate doing repetition drawings, just like what you mentioned about the kernels. I will always end up going out of of pace and they end up looking like a field of waste, spoils my mood. >_<


  2. Oh, Mel–you’re just too cute! It’s amazing how you cause me to look at things, really look at them, because of your art–and I SO love “art victim”, too funny! God bless you today.


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