Ryukin Goldfish

This is a Ryukin goldfish. We got them at home. Fishes are so mobile that I had to copy it from a picture. They say having 7 or 9 of them in an aquarium just beside the door brings good luck. I don’t know how true that is but these fishes are beautiful, I don’t mind putting them on display near the door. πŸ™‚

I gotta say drawing from what you see is very relaxing. I enjoyed drawing this fish a lot. Although I draw whimsical drawings here in my blog, I still need some dose of realism so that I can practice my drawing skills that will help me draw my drawings from imagination better.

Drawing what you see also helps you look through an ‘artist’s eye.’ Normally, we won’t look hard around you trying to see a beautiful subject. Having an eye of an artist means you get to see beautiful things in the most unlikely places.

I hope you will find beauty as well! Have a great day! πŸ˜€

~ Melonaide

30 thoughts on “Ryukin Goldfish

  1. Hi Mel! I so appreciate you helping me to see in new ways! Wow, I’d never heard about an aquarium by the door bringing good luck–is that from the Philipines? Praying you have a much-blessed day. love to you, Caddo


    1. I think it is from a Chinese Feng Shui (chinese beliefs on good luck). Chinese culture had an influence in our country as well. So, maybe that’s where it came from.
      May you be blessed so much today too Caddo! πŸ˜€


          1. I’ll let you know, if I get an answer from David–he’s my butcher, and a man of few words–but has a big loving heart for God, and people!!


  2. Awesome work Mel! I have three little fish in a bowl in my kitchen. I think they are zebra danios (not sure). They won’t even stay still long enough for a photo, let alone pose for a drawing!


    1. Oh, they are those small striped fishes? They are so quick to move it is very difficult to draw or photograph. (Not unless you got a good camera). I like how their stripes seem to glow. πŸ˜€


  3. Hi Mel! I talked to David, my butcher friend and Chinese Christian. He said “fish” represent “abundance, or wealth”, and that it is good to put a picture of them in a corner that is “shadowed”. He mentioned some very beautiful silk embroidery he’d seen in Seattle’s China Town. I’m thinking maybe I should get a couple gold fish and small (manageable) fish bowl for my home…hmmm. Have a much-blessed day!!


    1. Yeah, that would be great! I used to have a nice deep blue fighter fish in a bowl. But it died probably because my cat was playing with it when I’m not looking! >,<


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