My hand started drawing a laughing girl even before my mind agreed on the subject. Oh well, I kinda enjoyed drawing that. I tried writing again in cursive. It felt odd to write in cursive since I rarely write in such a way.

No much write-ups for today because I still need to finish stuffs before a main event tomorrow. Believe me, you gotta learn how to laugh at your own mistakes because it can literally get you nowhere to feel down about them all the time. And I admit that I may make a lot of mistakes and people may go about complaining on the smallest thing, but, laughing it all out may make you see those matters in a better perspective.

Laugh more often! 😀

~ Melonaide

14 thoughts on “Laugh

  1. I do laugh at my own mistakes but I treat them very seriously, as something that will help improve my future words or actions to improve my overall performance.


  2. I love the the look of the laughing girl. She looks really happy and carefree… I can nearly hear her heartwarming laugh.
    Also, the message you provided with this picture is wonderful… I shall try to keep it in mind. 🙂


  3. I love to laugh, Mel–and as I get older, I find myself to be hilarious most of the time!! God bless you today!


  4. I love the expression on the girls face 🙂 And its so true what you say about laughing at your own mistakes… is too short to get down about things.


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