The Shrine on the Moon

There’s something fascinating and odd about the moon.
It changes in size from nothing to full.
It must be magic, it must be illusion!
Could it be the doing of a magical shrine on the moon?
I want to find out… I will find out!
Don’t stop me and tell me that it is impossible.
I won’t ever find out if I won’t try.
Let me be and you will see,
I’ll get there with glee!
The shrine on the moon is where I wanna be.

~ Melonaide

13 thoughts on “The Shrine on the Moon

  1. Saw it on the WordPress page while browsing artworks and manage to identify it as one of your works Immediately! ^ _ ^


  2. This is so wonderful, Mel–wish I’d had it when I posted my “Blame It On…” (the moon)!! I may have to reblog this one too (maybe you should just move over to my blog, ha ha!)!

    Hope you’re having a great Friday–have a good weekend, too! God bless you abundantly.


    1. Haha! You’re giving me a lot of visitors whenever you reblog my post, it’s almost always like a party. 😀

      Thank you so much for the appreciation! God bless you too! 😀


  3. Reblogged this on Caddo Veil and commented:
    Well, we’ve got Full Moon a-rising (Fri)–and if you’re feeling the roller coaster effects, I have just the prescription for you at lovely Mel’s! I’ve actually been saving the reblog for just this occasion–I’m confident that I’m not alone in needing some art therapy to soothe a jumpy week! Thank you, Mel–and God bless us, everyone!!


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