Guava Flower

It’s not the fruit I find interesting today, it’s the flower.

I took a picture of our neighbor’s guava tree and found that it got some nice small flowers that I can draw for today. I had a little difficulty on capturing the photo, since I’m just using a “point and shoot” camera with no macro settings. It is very blurry on my desired closeness. I had to capture the photo from a distance to get the flower look more vivid and then I just cropped it on the computer. Here it is:

I love both photographs and drawings just the same since both convey some sort of feeling that I can’t really explain. And you may wonder why I chose to draw from photograph rather than actually draw from what I see. Simple. I can’t draw properly especially because I was taking the photograph from our rooftop. Plus, you will be able to capture your most desired angle with no interruptions from nature (like wind and the extreme heat of the sun, or the sudden rainfall). πŸ˜€

Hmm…I can’t achieve the proper color green for the leaves. I might do an experiment on color combinations.

I hope you enjoyed my post. Have a great day! πŸ˜€

~ Melonaide

11 thoughts on “Guava Flower

  1. I always enjoy you, Mel! Thanks for introducing me to the guava flower–it probably sounds silly, but I never knew they had flowers!! God bless you today.


  2. you did a beautiful job Mel! I have missed you so much these past few days! I have had a flue or some other winter illness and haven’t been on as much! I’ll have a look at your other pages now!


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