As Perennial as the Grass

An artist eye is just like a camera lens,
looking for a subject to draw.
Converting things seen into drawings on a paper.
Searching for the perfect angle,
Searching for the best perspective.
Eyes that are trained for the arts,
Are the eyes that always seek for aesthetics,
And beauty in the most unlikely places.

~ Melonaide

13 thoughts on “As Perennial as the Grass

  1. That is very well put, Mel…I could not agree more.
    I love the shade of green behind the wildflower really makes it stand out….lovely!


  2. Just dropped by your blog, love the idea of a drawing a day, it is a great way to practice your art and stay fresh. I also enjoyed your poem and the last lines about beauty in unlikely places resonated with me as I am also interested in beauty in the everyday things that we often overlook. Taking a moment out of our day to look for the beauty around us is so important. Good luck with your blog looking forward to dropping by again.


    1. Hi occasionalartist! I’m glad you dropped by my blog. It can be really challenging to think or to look for things to draw. I am just happy to put anything nice to draw on my blank pages. Hope to see you again here soon. – Mel 🙂


  3. Found you via topblogs. I love your idea of making an artwork a day. That was my concept as well except I do it every weekend and I also share other inspiring art related stuff on my blog. I love the colors you used on your artwork above! Looking forward to seeing more of your works =)


    1. Yeah I checked your blog too just now. Nice artworks! Too bad it’s not on WordPress though. I would have followed your blog. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


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