The Arm Chair

This Bible passage somehow reminded me of our high school arm chairs. We were paired by two. If you are lucky enough, you’ll get to seat beside someone nice. It is really fun if you get to seat beside someone whom you enjoy talking to. But it can get really awkward if you get to seat beside someone you don’t like to be with to the point that you’d rather be alone than seat beside that person! LOL

So, what if we get to seat beside God? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? It is like anything is possible. Enough said.

PS. I really find it hard trying to fix the perspective of that chair since I’m just drawing from memory on how our arm chairs look like. Anyways I hope you enjoy my post today. ^^

I hope you will feel His presence taking care of you today. Happy Easter! 😀

~ Melonaide

9 thoughts on “The Arm Chair

  1. To me, this is Perfect, Mel!! God is always sitting beside me, and I’m always sitting beside Him–it’s the only way to fly!! May you have a most blessed Easter~~love, Auntie Caddo


  2. Saw this on twitter earlier but couldn’t comment! This is a great drawing Mel!! I love it! desk was quite similar to that one! What a great seat it would be if we could sit next to God!


    1. Thanks Lorelei! I would love to have Him as my seatmate. LOL. I wonder if He would let me copy answers during exams, if He was my seatmate back in HS. 😀


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