Outside the Box

Outside the box you are separated,
Could be alone and unappreciated.
Not included in the package,
Left behind from the luggage.
The different, the crazy, the weird, or the loony.
‘You don’t belong here’ they may say.
‘You’re not one of us’ they may add.
All because you’re outside the box.
But oh, how lovely it is to be free~
Outside the box of misery.
The box of expectations telling you what you can’t do.
And demanding you to do what they want you to.
A genius or a loser, that’s what you might be,
Outside the box of mediocrity.
You get to choose which side you will be.
A genius or a loser, take your pick.
But still you can move on to find a new box.
It’s great to belong to the place where you wanna be.

~ Melonaide

10 thoughts on “Outside the Box

  1. I’ll make my comment here so that I won’t get in the way in the mood of the poem I made. I tried to make a slightly negative poem urging someone to go towards something positive in the end. Well I hope you like it. It’s not like my other dreamy and happy poems. Have a great day! ~ Mel 😀


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