Mrs. Zapra Finished Version

So, here it is…the finished version of Mrs. Zapra’s portrait (see the unfinished version here). I had to rush it this morning because I need to give it in the afternoon. I must say this 30 minute art project really do helped me work faster. I usually finish a portrait in a week. This portrait, I finished for one evening and one morning.   Although on this one, I didn’t get to check the drawing much for errors and I didn’t get to darken and make the colors more vibrant. But I’ll see to it that I’ll make a better one next time! I used cotton balls and cotton buds in making the color appear softer just like the pastels. I prefer colored pencils more than the pastels because it makes my hand dirty :P. I make sure my hands are clean when doing an artwork so that there will be no unwanted color in the portrait when I touch it.

Oh, and those small pink dots on the background are the droplets from the fixative. I don’t know why, probably I sprayed too much. lol.

So, that’s that. I hope Mrs. Zapra will like it.  Have a great day! 😀

~ Melonaide

16 thoughts on “Mrs. Zapra Finished Version

  1. I love this portrait, Mel. She looks so real. A warm and kind woman. I’m sure she’ll be so happy with this wonderful portrait.


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