Droplets of rain coming from the sky,
Quench my thirst and cleanse my spirit.
Never-ending circles resonating through my heart,
Let me dance to the rhythm of this flowing life.


3 thoughts on “Circles

  1. Reblogged this on Caddo Veil and commented:
    This lovely post from Mel really blessed me today–it looks like colored bubbles rising in my spirit–Holy Spirit effervescence, evidence of Victory over trying days! Wah-hoo! For anyone who is struggling currently, as I did this past week, I offer encouragement. God is more than Able, for whatever you’re going through. He is Faithful to supply His Grace, abundantly and overflowing for your every need–and He IS Here Right Now. So if you’re needing victory over any affliction, here’s my question: “Got Jesus?” God bless y’all–you know how much I love you! Sis Caddo
    PS: These colored bubbles are also a special treat for my little angel-niece, Aubie–God bless you sweetie!!~~~~~~
    Thank you so much, Mel (my “honorary niece!)!! Love, Auntie Caddo


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