Rain Clouds

I love the rain, I always do.
The droplets that come from the sky are so lovely to watch.
And the tingling sound  that it produces are so relaxing to hear.
All the heat coming from the ground
Dissipate at it welcomes the cool breeze in the air.
It quenched the thirst of every plants and trees,
As they happily dance to the beat of the bouncing raindrops.

~ Melonaide

10 thoughts on “Rain Clouds

  1. Lovely picture 🙂 and beautiful poem. I also love the rain, although where I live its pouring down every day at the moment .


    1. Oh, your silly Auntie didn’t read the comments first!! How very sweet and kind of you to give me a mention, lovey!


  2. Rain has such a calming effect on me. I don’t get see it very often because I live in a desert, but I do keep a thunderstorm soundtrack on my iPod. Whenever things get a little crazy in my head, I put it on and it always soothes my soul. 🙂


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