Bicycle Front Wheel

It’s never too late to learn something. I’m starting to dare myself to learn the things I wanted to learn one at a time. I don’t know how to ride a bike. The truth that I am not so proud of. I tend to envy the small children who play happily with their bike, I envy the gramps that rides the bike, and I envy everyone who can ride a bike! LOL. It is easy just to give up and say stuffs like ‘biking is not for me.’ But hey, I gotta be true to myself that I really wanted to learn.

So, for a start, I bought a second hand bike. The space available around my house is just a small pathway. It is dangerous for me to try to learn on the streets, I might be run over by a vehicle. Of course, I don’t like that.  So, the bike stood on display for like three months with me wondering how I will ever learn it by myself. So, I searched for an instructional video. Luckily, that video is so easy to do, it gives me a bit confidence to try it. And the fact that the one on the video is not a young lady, it gives me the confidence that I might learn it.

I tried it today. I bumped to the plants on our small pathway. I did it over and over again despite the bruises I get from the pedals hitting my legs. I get bruises so easily and I even broke  a plant pot. Haha. But anyways, I think it’s all worth it. I get to learn how to ride it! Although I can’t ride it smoothly just yet. I’m glad I can ride it finally! 😀

If there’s something you wanna learn, it’s never too late to try. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Bicycle Front Wheel

  1. This is truly wonderful, Mel!!! Good for you, learning something so useful and fun–and thank you more than I can say, for the encouraging lesson I needed to hear!! You’re the best–God bless you abundantly. love, Auntie Caddo


  2. Go for it Mel! It takes a while to learn, but you’ll love it. The front wheel looks great. 🙂


  3. Good for you! I went through the same thing with roller blades. I started out in my kitchen. I can ride around paved trails now. It’s one of my favorite things.


  4. It’s fantastic to hear that you try anyway! And I’m sure you’ll get better and better if you keep it up. 🙂
    It was the same for me with swimming… but I finally learned it, even though I’m still not very good at it. However, it is fun!
    I hope you have fun with your bike as well!


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