Great Things

Great Things

If your day got nothing great on it, or if you feel like it’s impossible to spot anything good about your day…it’s normal. Even the most optimistic people get down times too. But what separates optimists to those who are not is in the faith believing that great things will come sooner or later and that any hardships are just temporary. And what’s more…you’ll get to appreciate the sunny days mostly after the rainy days. Bad days gotta come as it should to make way for real happiness. Love yourself at your worse or and your best and try to keep on getting better! πŸ™‚

PS: I am really grateful that I saw some familiar faces and new ones that welcomed me back on my Β previous post. That’s just so great. Thanks for the warm welcome. β™₯

Have a great day ahead! πŸ˜€

~ Melonaide

7 thoughts on “Great Things

  1. This is such a good word for us, little Sis–you amaze me with your youthful wisdom (wish I’d had it “way back when”!). God bless you Big–love, Auntie Caddo


    1. Hi em! I’m glad to see your comment. Ooh, I like the new look of your blog. I’m gonna go visit and read the stuffs I missed there soon. I wanna make some changes on my site too, I can’t tell what for now. lol πŸ˜€


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