30 Minute Portrait – April

004 - April Salvador

Life is full of beauty.
Notice it. Notice the bumble bee,
the small child, and the smiling faces.
Smell the rain, and feel the wind.
Live your life to the fullest potential,
and fight for your dreams.
– Ashley Smith 


The pretty girl on the portrait is April Salvador. I used her picture on the beach. I just love how the air messed with her hair . It doesn’t look exactly like that, but I guess I had fun drawing her hair.  If you want me to draw your portrait, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments below. 🙂

Anyway I hope you are having fun. Have a great day!


30 Minute Portrait – Angelo

Angelo Maniquis

Laughter brightens a day, 
Uplifts a soul, complaints go away.
Whoever you are, in whatever state you may be,
Find your happiness and let it be!
– Melonaide

The guy in the portrait is Angelo Maniquis, the owner of the blog Fete Design and Print. He’s a versatile artist who takes photos and videos of events, and he makes other souvenir items worth checking out. And it also happens to be his birthday today.


PS: I used charcoal pencil this time, a regular graphite pencil and a small piece of cotton for shading. I’m starting to get the hang out of drawing fast portraits. Just let me know if you want me to make you a portrait too in the comments below. This the 3rd out of 300, I sure will need a lot more faces. lol.

I hope you like it. Have a great day!

– Melonaide

30 Minute Portrait : Angela and her son

Angela Nevitt

“A mother is the truest friend we have,
when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us;
when adversity takes the place of prosperity;
when friends desert us;
when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us,
and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness,
and cause peace to return to our hearts.”

― Washington Irving

This is a portrait of a beautiful woman who loves her son so dearly. She is Angela Nevitt the author of the blog oneincreation.  I’m not sure if I have drawn the resemblance well, but I sure hope I had captured the love going on between a mother and son.

If you want me to draw you a 30 minute portrait just tell me in the comments below. 🙂

I hope you like it. Have a blessed Sunday!


With Every Breath

With Every Breath

by Sixpence None the Richer and Jars of Clay

Hallelujah from the heavens
Hallelujah in the heights above the earth
Hallelujah all His angels
Hallelujah for the last will be first
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord

Hallelujah in the morning
Hallelujah for the beauty of His scars
Hallelujah in the twilight
Hallelujah sun and moon and shining stars
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord

When the night seems so long (throw your hands to the sky)
You can sing a new song (wipe the tears from your eyes)
When you’re weak, He is strong
He can heal your wounded soul
And calm the storm inside

For all your times of laughter
In every hopeful prayer
When the world weighs on your shoulders
Through sorrow and your despair
With everything, with every breath, praise the Lord
Let everything, let every breath praise the Lord
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord
Let everything, let every breath praise the Lord

When the night seems so long (throw your hands to the sky)
You can sing a new song (wipe the tears from your eyes)
When you’re weak, He is strong
He can heal your wounded soul
And calm the storm inside

Indie Saturday features the song “With Every Breath” this Black Saturday. It is a beautiful and soulful song worth listening to on this Lenten season.

Aside from that, this song is important for me because it helped me in one of my darkest moments. I have written in my description the sentence “Music is my medicine, art is my life.” And this particular song has become my medicine on one of my toughest time. And singing and playing this on guitar had calmed my troubled self. So today, I just wish to share this song to you. 🙂

Have a blessed Black Saturday. 🙂

~ Melonaide

A Journey to my Old Art Sketchbook

This is a continuation of my previous post Looking Back.

These are my art when I was first properly introduced to the drawing and using the watercolor medium. Enjoy. 🙂

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I looked forward for every art lesson during that entire summer vacation after graduating from sixth grade. I know others might be better than me at that age, but hiding my art just because of fear of rejection won’t get me or any artist anywhere.

Looking back made me felt how simple my life used to be before. My mind was 100% dedicated to art at that moment, not worrying any other things a regular adult like me would think of. And that we should learn how to keep our complicated lives simple for us to truly appreciate the wonderful things that we may often take for granted.

May we never lose our boundless enthusiasm for something we truly love. 🙂


Looking back, trying to revive my old passion for drawing…

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.
So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.

Steve Jobs

Today, I will just post my old artworks. This is giving me a weird feeling. I tried to look for the oldest drawing I made. Lucky I had saved some. What I can remember is that I didn’t get to save my artworks before I entered school for the first time (I do remember that I was happy in my own drawing land with my board, eraser and chalk…oddly enough I am holding same things as a teacher. LOL) My eldest brother told me that I started drawing when I was three. Just doodling on the paper. As I draw, I imagine the people I draw talking with each other. I make things talk to each other. That’s how I used to play, alone in the corner sitting quietly letting my imagination run wild. I hope I won’t bore you today because I have to warn you, this might be a long post.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy my art story.

1994 – when I was 8 yrs. old

This is the oldest drawing I have. I was 8 years old. I didn’t know I get to save a small drawing book and I was shocked just now when I looked at the date. So, I’ve been keeping this drawing for 17 years. My father was a music teacher. He was giving rondalla lessons, so, I get to see plenty of string instruments around our house. On the drawing above, that is a guitar and a bandurria.

Can you see a box in the above right? That was my 1999-self invading my1994 drawing, as if looking in disgust on how I used to draw. Oh, and by the way, I am not a child raised up in luxury, so during those times I was probably wishing that my parents would buy me a Barbie doll, but I never insisted because I knew it was too expensive for us. So, I just drew it. lol! 😀

 Uh-oh…that’s when I was being bullied by my fourth brother. Knowing I hated so much being paired up, he was teasing me to this Jason (who is now married, so don’t you dare tease me too! LOL). But I had my revenge….I wrote on every wall I can see with “Edmond ♥ Mapet, Edmond ♥ Mapet, Edmond ♥ Mapet…” My… he was so mad! We had a writing on the wall war. Good thing we wrote somewhere our parents wouldn’t notice. LOL.

I wrote there “araw ng mga bulaklak.” That was in Tagalog which means “day of the flowers” or just “flowers’ day.” I obviously like flowers. 😛

This is something Walt Disney inspired. I kept a large fairy tale book with all those stories about prince and princesses. I wonder what the girl in blue is doing. Probably sprinkling some magic? The other might be fixing the girl in yellow’s hair. But personally, I like princesses who can fight, not those princesses who’ll end up dying if no one is around to save her. 😛

1997 – when my Grandfather taught me how to draw

My late grandfather is one of the contemporary painters in the Philippines – Jose D. Castro (or J.D. Castro).  He taught me for a few days in his home. He offered me to stay for the rest of the summer vacation. But I thought there is something scary about the aura of his house that I refused the offer immediately. Every corner, every room, every wall is painted by him. It somehow got some magical aura, more like a home where the faeries live. Lots of plants and gardens. He got a dark room full of  paintings, which kinda looks mysterious to me as a child. But I love it whenever I was visiting his home. I get to read tons of Philippine comics (that’s the time when Philippine comics industry is flourishing). During those times no one would buy a Marvel comics. Every store got a comics stand. But because we were poor, I only get to read them in my grandfather’s house. 🙂

My grandfather was a little strict. He wanted me to measure everything. Every single distance and length. He wanted me to copy the picture perfectly. He want me to work slowly to measure everything. He said I’ll get to do them faster by practice. Look at the ear with an “x.” That’s when Tatang (that’s what I call him) got mad at me. He figured out that I cheated and became lazy that I didn’t measure it properly and just relied on my own perception of distance. He made me repeat it all over again.

Obviously the repeated ear look way much better. The darker tones was retouched by him to show me how to make a better shading and how to create the dark values.

I got my first realistic eyes in this drawing. I always draw cartoon eyes, but in here, it now looks more realistic.

And now, the face… I had a hard time on the nose and the mouth, trying to align them properly.

This was my last lesson from him and there will be no more next. I don’t know the reason why I didn’t get to return to my grandpa for further art lessons. It is probably my parents having a hard time fetching me back and fourth.

1998 – My self taught summer vacation

I still continued to draw in that same drawing book I used with my grandpa. I tend to draw a LOT, usually anime characters, but I only save the art that I made in my drawing book. Others are in scratch papers, behind the notebooks…all of which can be easily thrown in the trash can. Haha.

This is a rose I copied from the picture hanging on our wall with a Bible saying. I my used eldest brother’s oil pastel for this.

This was our Mayor during that time, and I don’t know why I chose to draw his face. Probably because his picture is readily available for me to copy, printed on a large calendar. But I’m not sure. lol

I copied this lady from the back cover of a picture frame. My parents are so pleased when they saw this. My father showed it to my uncle – Luis J. Castro. He then told me that he will teach me next summer vacation.

1999 – My Uncle’s Teaching

This year I think is the year I truly developed my talent. It’s like it was the time I was finally awaken artistically speaking. This is my transition period from being an elementary student to a high school student.

My uncle picked up where my grandfather has stopped in teaching me. He asked me to repeat them again.  So, this face looks a lot better this time. But…the lips on the right is not aligned properly. lol

This is the face that I didn’t get to finish under my grandpa’s instruction. I became lazy again on measuring everything, I did a shortcut yet again and not measured everything properly. (I was taught to measure each distance through my pencil.) My uncle wasn’t so pleased, he asked me to repeat everything again. But he’s not too pleased on the second one too because although the measurement is correct, the lines and shading doesn’t look at all soft compared to the first one.

I guess I’ll just make a Part II on Monday, and show the rest of the artworks I made under my uncle. I hope you enjoyed looking back with me. Have a great day! 🙂

~ Melonaide

Solitary North Star

Today, I draw something from one of my favorite songs composed by my brother. Do check them out! I hope you enjoy the song as much as I do. 🙂

Solitary North Star
The Camerawalls
Words & Music by Clementine

The sun rises and sets without saying goodbye
Only leaves spectacular rays before it sleeps right before our eyes.
Silently being covered by night’s naked blanket of mystery
For sometimes only in darkness can we realize depth and significance
Of movement and time,
Of people and purpose,
And of infinity, Yes, Infinity

As we gaze at the vast space above us
Beyond the clouds; fabled stars will appear
Do you count or look intently for brief moments of wonder?

There is beauty in darkness.
There is beauty in darkness.
There is beauty in darkness
There is beauty in darkness.

For during times my life is covered with shadows
My road hardly visible with devious fog
And storms chasing my strength and bleeding me dry
I close my eyes and think of you – my solitary North Star.

As we ease the vast space between us
Beneath our eyes; twinkle of tears will appear
Do we kiss or look intently for endless moments in wonder?

There is beauty in absence
There is beauty in absence
There is beauty in absence
There is beauty in absence.

Beautiful Thoughts

Because today is Sunday, I thought of making a drawing based on a quote from the Bible.

“Be careful what you think. Because your thoughts run your life. “(Proverbs 4:23)

It is true, what we think for the most part, it is who we are. Our actions are just the fruit of our thoughts. Our thoughts might be filled with worries, anxieties, problems or other things. Sometimes we should be aware of what kind of thoughts dominate our mind. By knowing we gain control, since sometimes, what we see in the world is just a projection of what we think of inside our head. If we think of bad things, we see bad things. If we think that today it is an unlucky day, we’ll get to see all of the unluckiness we got like the traffics and stinky people. By thinking of such, we missed out looking how beautiful the sky was. You might have missed seeing a friend waving at you while you were busy thinking of how those people goes in your way while you are in a hurry going to school or work.

But, it is human nature to feel upset, worry or think bad. We don’t need to ditch all those thoughts, what I think is all we need is to confront your worries in your head and then give yourself an imaginary pat on your shoulder saying to yourself “everything will be just fine.” Well, it’s up to you if you’ll say it aloud! Just make sure you’re the only one who can hear yourself. LOL 😀

Have a great day!

~ Melonaide 


You can be friends with the whole world, but only a few can stay true. 🙂

~ Melonaide

The Water Dragon


What I drew today is a Water Dragon in celebration of the Chinese New Year. This year, they call it year of the water dragon. So, before I start drawing, I looked up in google images how a water dragon generally looks like. (I didn’t copy someone else’s work :P) I don’t wanna draw a dragon that don’t look like a dragon! LOL. I want my dragon to look pretty so, I chose it to make it look as such. I don’t want it to appear scary~ 😀

So, there you go…I intended to color it blue but the timer ran out. I even had to put up 8 minutes just to finish shading. My eyes won’t be so satisfied looking at unshaded feet and tail. Doing a drawing only for 30 minutes risks the quality of an artwork. But, oh well…I have to set aside my perfectionist/critical side to go on with this project. Have a great lunar year ahead. Have fun everyone! 😀

~ Melonaide