Climbing to a Brand New Year

Ladder to Rooftop

It’s the first day of a brand new year
But there’s nothing extravagant, no out of town vacations or so
Just me flooding with thoughts of last year and the year to come.
What have I accomplished last year?
Any great stuffs or stories to tell?
Yeah, some stuffs here and there that may or may not bore
the lucky or  unlucky person to hear my ramblings.
So, here I went trying to order from the menu of the universe
thinking of things I want to achieve this year.
But thinking so hard makes me sleepy.
Or maybe I’m just thinking harder than I’m supposed to.
So before I end the day soaked with my own mixture of thoughts
I decided to see the sun as it sets on the first day of 2014
with a little challenge – to climb on the rooftop.
I have no trouble with heights, but I sure has one on the thought of falling.
But silly as it sounds, there goes my first challenge of the year.
Thank God nobody saw me in my funny pursuit.
Trying to look cool is the least of my concern at the moment
as I make my way up.
You see, the ladder we got isn’t the safest one you’ll ever want.
But it’s good enough to get there as long as I’ll conquer the fear.
As I finally succeed in getting there, heart shaking,
Seeing the 360 degree view of the sky is very rewarding.
As I lay there I could see the birds fly over me.
Seeing nothing but blue and orange and the cool breeze is ecstatic.
This is what every sociable introverts  like me want from time to time –
a place for peaceful isolation, a sanctuary.
As I greet the setting sun, I saw the first star of the night.
I thought that the star resides on a great height.
To conquer heights, you must conquer your fears of falling.
You cannot go up if you are too afraid of falling down.
“I can do that too.”
And then there goes the hardest part – going down.
I’m just glad nobody’s around to witness
my astounding awkward way of going down.
But it’s all worth it.
Many challenges awaits on this brand new year.
Yes, I am scared to fail…but it doesn’t matter.
If the prize of failing and trying is succeeding.

Happy New Year everyone!

~ Melonaide

The Thin Thread of Connection

Get Connected

Have you ever find yourself changing too much
there is a very visible distinction between the past and the present you?

And with this thought in mind you wonder what you would become in the future?

Have you ever felt disconnected, that reading your old journals
is like reading another person’s life?

Have you been denying the part of yourself that  you don’t like much?
And because of it you have this unknown uncertainty you can’t figure out?

Wondering if you’re on the right track? If this is what you wanted 5 years ago?
And wondering if what you’re doing is something you’ll like for the next 5 years?

If yes, we have to search for that thin thread of connection deep within us,
Just like a complicated network of nerves constantly functioning, keeping you alive.

Hack it, decode it and try to access it,
In this life we face noise and confusion from day to day.

We see ads here and there of superfluous things we don’t really need.
We are surrounded and drenched in a sea of mediocrity where people that  stand out are seen as idols.

But what is it that truly matters?
What are things that you truly and subconsciously want?

Stop for a moment.
Relax…with a cup of smiles.
Have a great day!

~ Melonaide 🙂

PS: I can’t think of something to draw, so for today, I just played around with MS Paint’s air brush just using my mouse. Nothing special really. It’s inspired by a telephone cord. Somehow it looks like “elo” to me. (Short for hello). ^^

Poppies in Bloom

Poppies in Bloom


The desert and the parched land will be glad;
the wilderness will rejoice and blossom.
Like the crocus, it will burst into bloom;
it will rejoice greatly and shout for joy.
The glory of Lebanon will be given to it,
the splendor of Carmel and Sharon;
they will see the glory of the Lord,
the splendor of our God.

Isiah 35:1-2 (NIV)

Right now, we might not be where we wanted to be. We might be experiencing some problems and discomfort in our lives. And everything seems so hard. But with the help of a force far greater than our own strength such that of God’s, combined with our own action with determination to succeed, we’ll eventually get to where we wanted to be. It is because there is a price for success whatever our chosen field might be. It is definitely not easy. I’ll never learn how to ride a bike if all I ever think about is the chances of falling down and the increasing number of bruises. I had to learn it on my own, they all were kind enough to just tease me because I didn’t know something so easy and that they were too busy to teach me. But I can laugh at them now while I’m riding a bike! Woooot! LOL.

The bottom line is, problems are there to teach us, nurture us and strengthen us. It is through problems that we learn to value and appreciate the great things in life that we sometimes take for granted. All we have to do is work on overcoming it. And with your strength, support from love ones, and faith in the Lord, everything can be possible. We can bloom with full glory.

Have a blessed Sunday! 😀

~ Melonaide 

Fascinated by the Light

Fascinated by the Light

The light that dances at the palm of your hands,

Waiting for you to grasp and be found. 🙂

~ Melonaide

Me in the Year 2012


2012 doodle

This is the very first day of the year 2013…but before I can fully embrace the new year I decided to make a quick reflection on what I did in the year 2012 within 30 minutes of doodling in my journal. Well, I’m also quite glad that the world didn’t end in 2012. *sigh of relief* 😀

2012 has been my year of new beginnings, the year when I dared to do the things that are so easy to give up on or too easy to put aside when there’s “enough time for it.” I thought that if I always look for a better time for trying great new things, I’ll never get it done. You might be curious if what are those things that I tried and learned this 2012, but that won’t be a surprise because it is obvious in my doodle. lol. But here it is.

1. I started this 30 minute art  Wordpress blog out of the hope that I can revive the artist that is sleeping deep inside me that has been dormant because I’m working in a different field. At first I didn’t expect any followers. 1 like on my work made me feel like I’m flying. Hahaha. At first few days, I only receive one or two likes at most, but I am happy because somebody took the time to read my blog.

2. I learned how to ride a bike. After so many years of wishing that I can ride one (envying the small kids who can ride it perfectly), I finally found the courage to learn it by myself even though I gained a lot of bruises in the process. But woot! I did it! 😀

3. I joined a Mixed Martial Arts class. I’m not sporty. My Physical Education teacher way back in High School was practically laughing at me whenever I hit a volleyball which barely bounced on my wrist falling directly on the ground…lol. FAIL. But I always admired the ladies on the movies that can actually defend themselves. So yeah, I started a free MMA class sponsored by my brother. I’m still a white belter, but who cares!

4. I learned how to play a ukulele. I received a ukulele as a gift from my brother. It’s so cute, easy to bring anywhere and the frets are smaller compared to the guitar, my hands can easily do the chords. I dared myself to play it on stage on our school’s Christmas Party, can’t sing much while playing, so I asked my co-teachers to sing.

5. I proved I can beat guys and lead on an online game. I always had thought that online games are for the guys. I initially started it with my two brothers but they eventually left the game until I became an alliance leader (along with other leaders) leading  an entire alliance with 100 members from all over the world. It’s been fun forming strategy with all the other players. I virtually met new gamer friends. We eventually won the crown before the year ends. I had to end it there and then and left the game all because it’s too time consuming. Especially when I started new hobbies like crazy!

This 2013, what I want to do is FOCUS ON THE ESSENTIAL. I’ve been all over the place with no definite goals. It created a big confusion on what I wanted to do with my life. I should let go of the things that will be bad for me so that I’d be available when the good opportunities arrive. Prioritize. Keep it simple. Try to be on time. *ugh* I am well known for being late. That’s something I should really work on. lol.

But anyway, it’s been a very long post…thanks for reading up to this point. Just wanna let you know that  you are also my inspiration in posting on this blog. Thanks so much. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

With lots of love,

Melonaide  🙂

Christmas Lantern

Christmas Lantern

It’s Christmas…the most awaited season throughout the year. The only thing that my hand fancied to draw is a Christmas Lantern. Here in the Philippines, Christmas lanterns are made of various shapes and sizes. (We call them “parol” in Tagalog) Most of them resemble the star of Bethlehem. Some look like twinkling flowers because of too many colors. But for today, I chose to draw a simple star-shaped Christmas lantern with no lights in it. It is the simplest you can find in our market and it’s more of an ornament that we hang on the walls.

I guess that lanterns just symbolize the light of Jesus. Where there is light, there you can find Him. In one way or another, we celebrate Christmas so that we can spread even a little of Jesus’ light and love to another person. Christmas would never be complete without the company of one or more people that you love. So, this Christmas make sure that you make at least one person feel important and loved.

Have a merry and blessed Christmas everyone! 🙂


Rooftop Sketch

Rooftop Sketch

I still can’t find the inspiration to draw. But at least, I thought I should find something to post and hopefully I’ll get the momentum back. I searched on my old journals and found this one sketch of the rooftop. I always go to the rooftop whenever I like. There are no forests or fields where I can roam around by myself freely to find some inspiration from nature in our small town. Although I am currently employed in a job that deals with people, I actually value and enjoy my “alone time.” I’ll definitely burn out without this personal space. Since I don’t have a place to go where I can be in touch with nature nearby where I can be alone with nobody looking at this weird person in deep thought, I just go to our home’s rooftop and satisfy my need for peace. I lay down to look at the sky for like half an hour before sunset after work. Sometimes I even fall asleep there. I just love how vast the sky is compared to how small the space I live and work in. Maybe I should just go live in the faraway forest and plant crops in there. haha.  No matter what time of the day it is, the sky is so nice to look at. It’s one of the reasons I don’t remember how to go from place to place because I always just stare at the sky from the window of the bus or any other vehicle. Well, I love the rains too, I just hate it when the sky is fully grey. It rather looks gloomy.

The sketch above was made in 2007. I just graduated from college then and was just about to take the Board Exam (which I passed :D). It was a dark year for me, the reason why…I don’t wish to disclose because it’s meant to be forgotten. I know the view isn’t that great neither the drawing, but you know I dared myself to just use pen in that drawing. I am very much used to using pencils first and then pen so that I can erase errors. At the back of that drawing I wrote this:

This morning I was thinking of “being the best.”
But I learned of someone trying to be the best only gaining insecurity.
I don’t want that, neither overconfidence.
Who cares anyway?
It’s so bothersome trying and being the best.
And who has the right to decide who’s the best?
Definitely not me nor anyone.
So, this afternoon, I decided that:
I won’t try to be the best; rather, I’ll give my own best.
It is not what I earn that matters…it is what I share.

– Melody

This is the reason why I like to keep journals. Sometimes the inspiration you seek might come from your past self. We sometimes forget the reason that motivates us, the reason why we’re doing something. When we have walked a bit far from our starting point, other stuffs cloud our own dreams or initial motivations. And because of that we can easily get off the track, or doubt if what we do amounts to anything relevant. Something like “keeping in touch with yourself” is also important as checking our mobile phones for text messages or checking our mailboxes for new mails.

So maybe, why not try having a good chat with yourself? Make sure nobody else can hear you! But most importantly, have fun! lol 😀
Have a great day!

~ Melonaide

Great Things

Great Things

If your day got nothing great on it, or if you feel like it’s impossible to spot anything good about your day…it’s normal. Even the most optimistic people get down times too. But what separates optimists to those who are not is in the faith believing that great things will come sooner or later and that any hardships are just temporary. And what’s more…you’ll get to appreciate the sunny days mostly after the rainy days. Bad days gotta come as it should to make way for real happiness. Love yourself at your worse or and your best and try to keep on getting better! 🙂

PS: I am really grateful that I saw some familiar faces and new ones that welcomed me back on my  previous post. That’s just so great. Thanks for the warm welcome. ♥

Have a great day ahead! 😀

~ Melonaide

Bicycle Front Wheel

It’s never too late to learn something. I’m starting to dare myself to learn the things I wanted to learn one at a time. I don’t know how to ride a bike. The truth that I am not so proud of. I tend to envy the small children who play happily with their bike, I envy the gramps that rides the bike, and I envy everyone who can ride a bike! LOL. It is easy just to give up and say stuffs like ‘biking is not for me.’ But hey, I gotta be true to myself that I really wanted to learn.

So, for a start, I bought a second hand bike. The space available around my house is just a small pathway. It is dangerous for me to try to learn on the streets, I might be run over by a vehicle. Of course, I don’t like that.  So, the bike stood on display for like three months with me wondering how I will ever learn it by myself. So, I searched for an instructional video. Luckily, that video is so easy to do, it gives me a bit confidence to try it. And the fact that the one on the video is not a young lady, it gives me the confidence that I might learn it.

I tried it today. I bumped to the plants on our small pathway. I did it over and over again despite the bruises I get from the pedals hitting my legs. I get bruises so easily and I even broke  a plant pot. Haha. But anyways, I think it’s all worth it. I get to learn how to ride it! Although I can’t ride it smoothly just yet. I’m glad I can ride it finally! 😀

If there’s something you wanna learn, it’s never too late to try. 🙂


The Dreamer

The dreamer girl totally matches my mood today. For these past few days my thoughts are out of perspective. I was feeling restless again, my mind, that is. Well, there can be days that you may feel totally demotivated and restless. I know I wanted to do something or I need to do something but I can’t make myself do it. Surprisingly my recurrent dream helped me out a lot. In my dream for two days in a row, I managed to do something successfully, something I can’t do when I’m awake. And then I dreamed of myself killing zombies successfully (woah) LOL.  Somehow, this dream motivated me all over again. And I’m back on my feet once again. When I woke up, I just decided that I’m gonna make that happen (not the zombie part, ok? lol). Somehow dreams help us also in figuring out what we failed to think about in our waking life and can help us into a sudden realization.

Happy dreaming! 😀