Ryukin Goldfish

This is a Ryukin goldfish. We got them at home. Fishes are so mobile that I had to copy it from a picture. They say having 7 or 9 of them in an aquarium just beside the door brings good luck. I don’t know how true that is but these fishes are beautiful, I don’t mind putting them on display near the door. 🙂

I gotta say drawing from what you see is very relaxing. I enjoyed drawing this fish a lot. Although I draw whimsical drawings here in my blog, I still need some dose of realism so that I can practice my drawing skills that will help me draw my drawings from imagination better.

Drawing what you see also helps you look through an ‘artist’s eye.’ Normally, we won’t look hard around you trying to see a beautiful subject. Having an eye of an artist means you get to see beautiful things in the most unlikely places.

I hope you will find beauty as well! Have a great day! 😀

~ Melonaide