Missing my Cat’s Full Glory


I miss my cat’s liveliness.
He’s sick at the moment.
He lost appetite and won’t eat.
He used to be fat and healthy but now he’s so thin.
We let him stay in the vet to be treated.
But he’s still weak with weird behaviors.
I at least want to draw the fat and cuddly Doro.
I hope he’ll be well soon.

– Melonaide

My Cat Doro

This is my second drawing of my cat named Doro, short for Dorotheo the Great. lol. He looks scary on my first drawing of him (see my first drawing) I guess I improved since that drawing. I can feel that I now have a better control over this medium.

I made this drawing for almost an hour, I just find him hard to complete within 30 minutes. And those white eyebrow hairs (they’re not called whiskers right?) are hard to do. I just left them out uncolored. And then just added some grey color to it when the black fur is already colored. And the eyes…they are hard. I want them to look like the real ones for all of you to see how lovely his eyes are. I guess, I’ll just share the picture I copied.

When my art fails to show exactly what I saw…I use photography! LOL 😀

Isn’t he so lovely? I took that picture while he’s lying down. I just love how he looks at the camera. I might have drawn the exact same expression if I have more time to scale my drawing and do some more proper shading. But, I will complete that for like 3 days on a larger  paper and with more detail. Oops, that was my inner critic typing. LOL. But anyways, I’m happy I’m improving even if it’s just more or less an hour a day (in drawing and writing stuffs here).

Have a great day!

~ Melonaide

Doro the Great

My Cat

Here is my cat – Doro. He rather look a little scary in my drawing, but not really…lol. This cat has his own charm. His distinctive character is that he only goes around with people ‘he knows’. I’m not even sure cats can recognize people. Whenever there are new people he’ll surely disappear somewhere. Can cats actually recognize their owner just by looking? I would loved to be enlightened.

I don’t think I drew him properly. (He’s supposed to look cuter not scarier,,,haha) I might be doing more illustrations of my cat in the future. 🙂

~ Melonaide

Mr. Cat

This is Mr. Cat…(very creative name huh? lol) I’m obviously a fan of the story “Alice in the Wonderland” so I guess this is partly inspired by that. I planned to use colored pencil for this but then I enjoyed the shading with my mechanical pencil so I just continued with it as is. Oddly though, I finished this one early, only for 25 minutes. I guess that is because pencil is way easier to use than watercolors..hehe. I hope you like it!

~ Mel