It’s Never too Late to Start Anew

Starting Anew Lotus

I’m starting anew. I’ll continue what I started. And yes, it’s been more or less 3 months since my last post. You might wonder what had happened to me during those 3 months, but let’s just say it’s the period that I lost momentum. Artists’ block maybe? Or maybe I’m purely distracted that time.  But perhaps it’s already a success for me to finally get myself to blog again and create some art.

So, no matter how many artist block I experience in the future, bring it on! I’ll always keep coming back in creating art. 😀

Hello WordPress, I’m here once again! 🙂

~ Melonaide

Flower Lady

Teach me how to see what my critical eyes fail to see,
The wonders and beauty all around me.
Teach me how to see the path that is hidden from me,
Its secrets and joys that is meant for me.
Let me hold the torch  of wisdom with the purest light,
And a beauty of  soul that can last through the night.
I might not last long, I might not be remembered.
But do know that I was once there and that I cared.

~ Melonaide

Why are flowers made?

Why are flowers made, when they all just wilt and die?

Theirs is a beauty that’s temporary.
But they can be a part of a good memory.

Theirs is a size so small,
But a smile so big is what they can give.

If even just for a while I can make this world a beautiful place,
Then I wouldn’t mind being a flower in my own simple way.

~ Melonaide 

This is the flower from the bouquet given to me earlier when I attended my best cousin’s wedding as her maid of honor. I’m wishing that couple to live the rest of their lives together filled with happiness and love! ♥ 🙂

One Flower

On a field of flowers a butterfly flew.
A gentle breeze passed by and gave an advice he never knew.

“Among all of the flowers just pick one,
Two is too heavy,
Three is too much,
More is impossible.
Love it, cherish it like there’s none like it.
Plant it and help it grow.
Never let it wilt, make the water flow.
For the love you give is also the love you will receive.
Soon you will have a flower field of your own.”

~ Melonaide

A Tulip

Herald of spring,
It is beauty you bring!
Full of love and simplicity,
That’s what you are to me.

This time, I made a conscious effort to make this tulip in better detail but with a minimal time compared to yesterday’s violin. But I managed to finish that with 45 minutes. That’s not the best it could get but if I added more shade and make the color more vibrant, It’ll take me so long to actually finish that, but that will make a more realistic result. But I am already happy at how this turned out. It is hard to focus on both quality and speed at the same time.

Hmm…I can’t seem to get the moss green right. I only got limited pencils, and sadly the moss green isn’t included. In my place, you can only buy colored pencils on boxes, you can’t buy just one color. That’s why I pretty much make a balanced use of the colors as much as possible. I might go practice more on color combinations using the colored pencils. I might take a picture of my pencils to let you see what colors I use the most. 😀

I hope you like it. Have a greeaaat day! 😀

~ Melonaide

Floral Pattern

I have no idea what those flowers are, I just played around with my pencils today and drew something randomly just to enjoy the colors. Obviously, I can’t think of anything to draw on a particular topic so, I just let my hand do the thinking. There’s no room for artist block, or else I’ll lose a day’s post. lol.

My brother was telling me to just post only the artworks that I think is ‘successful’ or beautiful. Something like every other day or at least when my creative energy sparks up. But I told him that if I do that, then I’ll lose the sole purpose of making this blog – making art a daily habit.  So, whether I love how my art turns out or not, I’ll still post it anyway. This is more like ‘scheduled creativity’. If you practice being creative more often, then it’ll come to you naturally. You will then tend to build this ‘creative pattern’ in your life and make it something that will always be a part of you.

I gotta admit, half of the time I am sitting on my drawing table, materials are all set, the pencils, the sharpener, the journal, the light, eraser, and me sitting down staring at the blank white page. I had to spend like 10 minutes holding a pencil drawing nothing at all, waiting for an idea on what to draw. I wait. Everything is all set and I wait. And the waiting is a little painful so eventually my mind will come up of something to draw. LOL. It’s not like I’m making art the whole day, so, an artist block is not an excuse that will make me not post for a day.

I hope you enjoyed my random post. Have a great day! 🙂

~ Melonaide

Take Time to Listen

Yesterday obviously was just a hurried sketch by me. But today’s post, I put in a little more effort to make it vibrant and colorful. Its contrast and image sharpness is edited a bit in Picasa to make the image look more interesting. I put in the ‘warmify’ effect to make the overall image look yellow. Sometimes the whiteness of white paper looks dull to me. But sometimes I like them on minimalist illustrations.

So, here goes the next lines from the poem “Desiderata.” When I read the lines, an image of a blooming flower and a lowly sprout talking to each other comes into mind. I even thought of adding up some morning dew being passed from the flower to the sprout. But I guess I didn’t get it to work. LOL.

Going to those few lines about listening, I agree so much about it. When we listen, we learn – even from the small things. If our cup is too full to even listen to whatever others wanna say, we might miss some wonderful stories. One of my favorites is listening to children speak and tell stories of things they are amused of. They can speak of something nonsense but their enthusiasm is a little infectious that you might even enjoy what they are enjoying if you take time to listen. Something like “Look there’s a rabbit in the clouds! How did he get up there?” Cuteness overload. 😀

Have a great day!

~ Melonaide