Clair de Lune


I made a logo for my brother’s violin ensemble in the school where he teaches – Clair de Lune. It’s his birthday today and this is his special request from me. I exceeded 10 more minutes just to make some extra touch-ups.  I love the moon so I truly enjoyed drawing this.

Happy birthday to my bro Edmond. 🙂


Dancing Along the Colors of Time

Dancing into the Colors of Time

Dancing along the colors of time,
Experiencing and witnessing the great sublime…
We have the capacity to be the heroes of our time,
Where in greatness will be our only crime.

Dance gracefully with the life that we received,
Regardless of whatever disposition we might currently be.
Whatever we seek that’s what we shall find,
So let it be beautiful, colorful and grand.

~ Melonaide


One by one I’ll conquer a star,
Step by step I’ll work all the way.
I may fall and stumble, I don’t care.
If it is for something I’ve been longing for.


The Dreamer

The dreamer girl totally matches my mood today. For these past few days my thoughts are out of perspective. I was feeling restless again, my mind, that is. Well, there can be days that you may feel totally demotivated and restless. I know I wanted to do something or I need to do something but I can’t make myself do it. Surprisingly my recurrent dream helped me out a lot. In my dream for two days in a row, I managed to do something successfully, something I can’t do when I’m awake. And then I dreamed of myself killing zombies successfully (woah) LOL.  Somehow, this dream motivated me all over again. And I’m back on my feet once again. When I woke up, I just decided that I’m gonna make that happen (not the zombie part, ok? lol). Somehow dreams help us also in figuring out what we failed to think about in our waking life and can help us into a sudden realization.

Happy dreaming! 😀