Watercolor Portrait – My Brother Jomer

I want to wish my brother a happy birthday!! 

It’s been a while since I last posted but somehow art is calling me yet again. Since it is my brother’s birthday, I grabbed my watercolor set and went for it. Because this is supposed to be a fast art, I didn’t sketch this with a pencil. Instead I directly used the brush. I am quite glad that my first fast watercolor portrait went out alright. This is just a small watercolor drawing , about 3 inches in size. So that’s that. I enjoyed holding the brush again.

Have a colorful day! – Melonaide 

Busy Kids



I’m currently out to accompany some kids in the poster making contest. It’s challenging to draw kids because they move a lot even if they’re watching a movie on ipad or if they’re drawing. But they sure are fun to watch.


30 Minute Portrait – Ana

30 Minute Portrait No. 6

Pencil Illustration (6B) on Plain White Paper (5.25″ x 5.5″)

This pretty lady, Ms. Ana volunteered herself to have her picture drawn in 30 Minute Art’s Facebook page. Although it took me so long before I could actually continue this project (she volunteered on April 17), I got myself starting once again. Ugh, I might be a big procrastinator, but rarely a quitter.  The culprit is: I accepted portrait jobs which of course took me weeks to accomplish.  Actually I almost got carried away on this one. This took me 45 mins. to finish (shhhh) hahaha. It would have taken really a long time once my perfectionism sets in. But anyways since this is 30 minute art, I could let my perfectionism rest and just do what I can do in a shorter period of time. I don’t have the time pleasure of meticulously measuring every details to make the portrait looks exactly as it is, so I’m pretty sure there might be some errors here and there, but I guess it’s always has been exciting  doing portraits within 30 minutes.

Well, I’m gonna run out of pictures to draw soon, (I only have 2 pictures on queue) so, if you want me to draw your 30 minute portrait, pls. like the 30 minute art page (you can click it on the right) and comment somewhere here or there that you want to be drawn, and I’ll draw your Facebook profile picture. 🙂

Have a great day!


Mrs. Zapra Finished Version

So, here it is…the finished version of Mrs. Zapra’s portrait (see the unfinished version here). I had to rush it this morning because I need to give it in the afternoon. I must say this 30 minute art project really do helped me work faster. I usually finish a portrait in a week. This portrait, I finished for one evening and one morning.   Although on this one, I didn’t get to check the drawing much for errors and I didn’t get to darken and make the colors more vibrant. But I’ll see to it that I’ll make a better one next time! I used cotton balls and cotton buds in making the color appear softer just like the pastels. I prefer colored pencils more than the pastels because it makes my hand dirty :P. I make sure my hands are clean when doing an artwork so that there will be no unwanted color in the portrait when I touch it.

Oh, and those small pink dots on the background are the droplets from the fixative. I don’t know why, probably I sprayed too much. lol.

So, that’s that. I hope Mrs. Zapra will like it.  Have a great day! 😀

~ Melonaide

Mrs. Zapra

Today, I didn’t get to do a 30 minute art because I’m doing another art. LOL. I intend to give this as a gift tomorrow. I’ve been working on it the whole evening. Obviously it is not yet finished but hopefully I will get to finish this until tomorrow morning.

I’ll let you see it tomorrow when it is done. Have a great day! 🙂

~ Melonaide

Going Back to Portraits

I’ve been accepting commissioned portrait works before as a sideline job. But usually, for me to complete one (more or less 12″ x 16″ paper size), it takes me from 3 days to 1 week of working on it. I don’t use a pantograph. That tool never seem to like me. lol. So I have to make measurements on the face by using my pencil as a ruler to check the proportion and distance. A sketch takes me a whole day to finish since I want it to look perfectly the same as the picture, shading is not included on the sketch.

And then, when I am confident that my measurements are correct, I will start shading the sketch. I either use colored pencils or charcoal pencil for it. This is a long process of trial and error. A slight mistake on the shading will make the person look different.

So, I challenged myself to make one small and fast portrait drawing today. Because of the time limit. I didn’t have the pleasure of taking time to measure everything (e.g. distance between the two eyes, distance of the of the nose to the eyes..etc.). I just used a 2H pencil for this portrait and a piece of small bathroom tissue and an eraser. The tissue was used to soften some shades in the face area. I prefer using cotton and cotton swabs, but I don’t intend to make it look too refined so a tissue paper will do.

Overall, I am satisfied on how it turned out. But my inner critic is screaming that there is something wrong. I’ll just try to do better next time. ;D

So, there she is. My cute and bubbly niece – Aija! I guess I did something wrong on the forehead part. Hers is larger. lol but she is still cute! 😀

I hope you enjoyed my post today. Have a great day! 😀

~ Melonaide