Slow Yet Strong as a Tree


Behind the tree I ponder on things,
About life, love, anything and everything.
Things didn’t go as fast as I wanted,
Stuffs didn’t finish as soon as I planned.
So I thought, “Is this really worth it?”
Failure, lots of failure, “Am I fit to be it?”
And then I felt the hard wood on my back.
As if the tree is trying to mock.
In defense I thought “Ha, don’t you laugh!
Your leaves fall through the blow of the wind,
Just like how I fall on problems I try to solve.
And you, fast? Don’t make me laugh!
It takes years and years for you to be fully grown,
Just like how slow it takes to reach my goal.
But strong…oh yes, we go stronger in every fall.”
It’s then I realize that it’s alright –
Not to be as fast as others,
Not to be perfect in just one trial,
To fail and learn one stumble at a time.
If it takes years to complete a fruit bearing tree,
It wouldn’t hurt if it takes years for me to get my dream.
I may be slow, but I’ll be as strong as a tree.



Tree – A Study on Colors

I’ve been away for a few days, I’m a little distracted lately and I started to attend some Martial Arts classes and it starts really early in the morning. It’s fun yet hard. Funny, I have always been a fan of people who can fight and defend themselves just like in the movies. Haha. I do my art usually late in the evenings (now I need to sleep a lot earlier) and here I need to ‘re-program’ myself again due to the change of schedule. lol

So, going back to the drawing, I chose a tree. It is a drawing I copied from a book to practice on. I tried doing multiple layers of colors just like on the book I copied this from. The end result isn’t as good as the original. Probably because the pencils I use has harder lead and the paper is too smooth. Colors seems more interesting if mixed with another color when using colored pencils. I think I’ll be needing more practice on color combinations using colored pencils.

So, here’s my art for today. I hope not to miss another day. Have a great day!


A Simple Tree

Just a simple tree with calm colors just to ease my mind from thinking. 🙂

I kinda wished there is a colored pencil version of the “magical fan brush”  Nuno was using on his tree leaves. LOL

I guess there is no shortcut for the leaves in colored pencils, but drawing them is kinda relaxing too.
PS. I just remembered that I said I will post the rest of my previous post today. But anyways, I’ll just post it tomorrow for sure!
Have a great day! 😀

~ Melonaide


Dear Sun

Today, I tried to make my blog post in the morning. As I have read from a book, our minds are most spontaneous after waking up from the bed. So, maybe creative thoughts might be best during those times. I just had to try. 😀

I kinda missed doing some poems. As you can see, I love bookmarks with nice pictures and inspiring quotes on them. I buy one or two whenever I go to a bookstore. As I mentioned in my yesterday’s post, I will do flowers for the rest of February but one part of me protests. I just love my artworks being supported with words as well. Maybe that’s the reason just copying a glass or a pot somewhere isn’t as fulfilling without some message attached to it. But I’ll still draw flowers but maybe not everyday. LOL. I’ll go random for now to explore.  Thanks for reading! 🙂

~ Melonaide

Tree House

This reminds me of childhood. This is something I would wish to build as a child but we didn’t have a tree to build such. So, I were just contented to explore our yard and just dream about things or draw stuffs in my paper or small blackboard. And with that, I was already happy. It’s amazing how easily kids can find something to enjoy. As adults we set our standards for happiness too high that we tend to forget to enjoy what we already have.