Selective Juggling

Recently, I’ve been asking myself these questions:

    Why I am I so unproductive and always late on schedule? Is there something wrong with me? I plan all the time but why am I not getting the results I want?

One thing I’ve found out is that I put too many stuffs within my schedule. Yes, I plan my schedule, but I always get a guilty feeling of not being able to follow it. I had to trace why I am unable to follow. I guess it is because I put an unreasonable amount of stuffs inside it. Maybe, I expect too much from myself. In the end I just end up wasting my time because I was too stressed just to think of the amount of work waiting for me. It’s either I play online games, watch a movie, go out or anything to get those stressful thoughts off of me. And when I am ready to work, I am already cramming. Too bad I am not born a super hero. LOL.

One solution that I am about to try out is start with a better plan. My previous plans/schedules didn’t work at all. So, it’s about time to make another one – a doable and much more reasonable one. But in order to do so, I had to reflect what are the things I’m doing on a regular basis even the small little details of things I do and things I can do without. I have to detect the ‘time wasters’ and try to ditch them gradually. So here’s how I made a new plan:

1. Write down the things I do everyday and reflect on them.
2. Write down the what type of person you wanted to become.
3. Write down the things you can do to be the person you wanna be.
4. Calculate the time you are willing to allot for each things you wanna do.
5. Write down your schedule, ditching the things you can live without and putting in the things you wanna accomplish.
6. Try it out and then change it if something feels not right in it. Include some time to recharge (that’s what I usually forgot to put in).

When making a schedule, commitment is important. And don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t get to follow them. Creating new habits are very hard and to make one, it takes a lot of effort but it is doable. One successful habit I had included in my schedule is updating this blog everyday. 🙂

You might be wondering why I draw balls with wings. If you watched Harry Potter, you’ll instantly know they’re called ‘the golden snitch.’ I draw them as such because if you chose to juggle only the things that really matter to you (hence it is gold) juggling will be bearable and will be much more enjoyable to you in the long run. There are black balls around, and those might be the things we can do without. And to be honest, there are a LOT of things we can do, but we don’t have to do them all! And in juggling, we don’t touch the balls all at the same time right? We do it one after another, task after task. There should be an appropriate cycle or planning to it to avoid one from falling off.

That’s a long post from me today. Have a great day! 🙂

~ Mel

8 thoughts on “Selective Juggling

  1. Excellent ideas and suggestions. What matters is what works. I’ve found success in planning my day by listing more items than I can possibly achieve. This provides me with some flexibility, and reduces the stress in the knowledge that I can’t possibly finish everything. It works for me, anyway.
    Loved the illustration.


    1. Yeah I do that too. I list down in my to do list every single thing that I’m worried about and the things I should do about it. The planning itself reduces half of my worries. 😀


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