Pebbles and Shells

There are pebbles along the way.
Some we step on, some we trip on,
Others we kick, others we just ignore.
These small discarded beauty of nature
Makes our road hard to walk on.
Yet, these tiny God-made architecture
Colors our path with a beauty so pure.
Even if our feet feels the hardness of the ground,
May our eyes always see the beauty yet to be found.

~ Melonaide

22 thoughts on “Pebbles and Shells

  1. Oh, Mel–I’m crazy for this one, both your words and your art!! I’m going to reblog it okay? I know a friend of mine is going to love it too!!! Thank you, and God bless you abundantly.


  2. Reblogged this on Caddo Veil and commented:
    I couldn’t pass this one up–and honestly, I believe it was a direct word from God to me, an answer to my Sis Deb’s prayers earlier today. I pray it’s a word for someone else, as well–may you all be blessed! love, Caddo


      1. Mel–I was just having a tough day, and Sis Deb “email prayed” for me, and then I “just happened” to visit your blog and see that post. Nothing is accidental, you know–God directed me here because He had a soft and special word of reassurance for me, which I honestly felt many others were waiting for too. So how cool is that, that we both were used by Him??!! Makes my heart sing!!


        1. I’m happy to be able to help. Right before I am blogging here, something was telling me that I should use my gifts on art which I rarely use for a few years. It’s kinda bugging me. I asked Him for some enlightenment. I felt lost for a weeks if not months. And then out of the blue I thought I’ll just use it to blog if I can’t have an art job at the moment. I never thought I’ll be appreciated by other wordpress bloggers. So, for that, thanks! 😀


    1. They actually look better than my drawing. That big yellowish-brown stone got shiny small crystals on it, and the grey one got small spots that looks like gold to me. 😀


  3. Mel, God is using blogging in a powerful way to encourage others to use their gifts to bless people and honor Him. I am seeing people growing in their faith and their confidence about who they are, as His children. It is very exciting!! Like you with your art, I decided to offer my poetry on a blog–and I am living my dream. God bless you so much today, sweetie!!


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